Transform Your Vision into Impact with The Tech Toolkit for Visionary Business Innovators

Are you ready to access the full potential of digital innovation and redefine the tech dynamics of your business?  Introducing the Tech Toolkit for Visionary Business Innovators – your ultimate kit packed with proven strategies and tools for mastering the digital domain. This comprehensive collection is designed to empower you to navigate through the complexities of technology with ease and confidence, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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As a Visionary Leader in the online education and course creation space, you're driven by a deep desire to make a lasting impact. But with vision comes the challenge of execution – transforming your big ideas into tangible results can often feel overwhelming. That's where the Visionary Leader Toolkit comes in.



Dive into a treasure trove of my meticulously curated systems and tools, designed to supercharge your business operations from the ground up. This is the culmination of years of working behind the scenes in countless businesses and fine-tuning the art and science of running a successful, streamlined business.

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Tech Briefs & SOPs

Expertly developed tech briefs and standard operating procedures. Navigate the complexities of the digital space confidently, ensuring your operations are secure and streamlined.

Spreadsheets & Trello Boards

Master the art of organisation with precision. From project management to content strategy, these tools will facilitate seamless execution.

Checklists & Templates

Enhance client and team engagement and retention with our customisable checklists and templates. Designed to support you as you scale.

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đŸ’» Build a Strong Foundation: Establish efficient systems and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

đŸ’» Strategise for Growth: Implement growth tactics that increase your reach and impact.

đŸ’»Â Optimise for Scale: Streamline your operations to support sustainable scaling.

đŸ’»Â Lead with Vision: Amplify your influence and drive your business toward its visionary potential.

Leap over the learning curve with tools that have been refined through years of practical application. Why spend countless hours figuring it out when the groundwork has been laid out for you?

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With this Toolkit, you're not just acquiring resources; you're unlocking a new level of potential for your business. Say goodbye to the frustration of piecemeal solutions and hello to a world where everything you need to run, grow, and thrive is at your fingertips.

Invest in your business's future. Discover the difference this Tech Toolkit can make.

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Who Is Jade?

I am a tech and systems witch on a mission to support visionary leaders to bring their ideas to life. I am passionate about leveraging technology to create meaningful digital experiences that inspire, engage, and make a lasting impact.

As a seasoned digital marketing professional I bridge the worlds of innovation and magic, offering dynamic tech solutions, tools, and education tailored for purpose-driven missions. With almost two decades of diverse experience working in jobs across corporate finance, to photography and then transitioning to online work supporting artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and spiritual brands, I've developed a knack for creating effective online business systems and driving significant online engagement.

Whether you're looking to enhance your systems through self-paced learning or seeking bespoke tech support, I'm here to ensure that your mission is supported by the power of technology and community.



This Toolkit contains a range of DIY resources to support you with your business. If you would like access to personalised Tech Witch support - DM me on Instagram to chat about my retainer packages.

Let's collaborate to build a better tomorrow, where your visionary goals are amplified by innovative tech solutions.

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